Gen Con Online: The 2020 Symposium Schedule and Links

***ATTENTION***: Please remember to turn in your tickets to for the events you attend. This is very important, as it shows Gen Con that the Symposium is important to you and so they will continue to support us. And if you haven't gotten tickets, please go to to grab some for the events you're interested in. It's FREE!! Thanks so much!

Welcome to the ONLINE Gen Con 2020 Writer's Symposium. We know it's not quite the same, but we worked hard to bring you some semblance of what it might be like to attend the GCWS in person. Below, please find the listing of all the panels, as well as the link to the YouTube page where you can watch them. Just note that the panels will not be available until the times show below. After you watch the panels, feel free to ask questions in the comment sections! The members of the panels will come by periodically to answer them.

Sage Advice From Veteran Authors: Thursday 1:00 PM EDT

From Beginning to End: Mapping Out Your Book: Thursday 2:00 PM EDT

Sweep Readers Away With Setting: Thursday 3:00 PM EDT

Apocalyptic Fiction: What COVID Has Taught Us: Friday 1:00 PM EDT

Characters, Both Believable AND Interesting: Friday 2:00 PM EDT

Writing in the Hard Times: Friday 3:00 PM EDT

Freelancing 101: Saturday 1:00 PM EDT

How to Get an Agent: Saturday 2:00 PM EDT

Putting All the Pieces Together in Worldbuilding: Saturday 3:00 PM EDT

Social Media in Tumultuous Times: Sunday 11:00 AM EDT

The Editor-Author Relationship: Sunday 12:00 PM EDT

Thank you so much for your patience and support in this really strange year. It means a lot to us, and hopefully next year, we'll be able to see you in person!