VOLUNTEERS! The Gen Con Writer's Symposium Needs YOU!

We still have a few spots available for on-site volunteers during the convention!

Open spots are part-time (16 hours), full-time (32 hours), or as-you-can! Please see below for more information:

As-you-can: Anytime you have free time, stop on by! We're sure to have something to do, whether it is guarding a door and providing a much-needed break, or giving away free GCWS bags at the table. This is a level without reimbursement perks, but volunteers do get to hang out with some pretty cool people/receive the satisfaction of a job well done/are free to come and go as they wish.

16-hours/Part-time: Our part-time volunteers have a dedicated 16 hours to fill for volunteering; their duties range anywhere from free giveaways to guarding doors to collecting tickets for our panels. This level of volunteering requires 16 hours of dedicated volunteering, and we will happily reimburse a badge for you.

32-hours/Full-time: Our full-time volunteers have a dedicated 32 hours to fill for volunteering; their duties range much along the lines of part-time volunteers, but they tend to get more duties like ensuring rooms are clean between sessions, and running things if our Captains are out of the area. For 32 hours of work, we will reimburse your badge as well as up to $200 for your hotel stay, or parking if you are local.

Please keep in mind all badge/hotel/parking is on a reimbursement basis. For badge reimbursement, you will need to supply the email address you used to purchase your badge; for hotel/parking reimbursement, we will need a copy of your receipt at the end of the convention.

Some other perks include:
Swag bag stuffing on Wednesday afternoon in the Marriott Albany (perhaps not a perk necessary, but a great way to *ahem* see the free giveaways early)
Volunteer/author dinner hangout at the Old Spaghetti Factory on Wednesday night (~$15 for a salad/bread/entree/dessert/basic non-alcoholic drinks, cash/on your own for the rest)
All volunteer breakfast on Thursday morning at Shula's at 7am (paid for by the GCWS)

Please let us know at [email protected]/ if you are interested, and, if so, your desired level and time restrictions. We will be finalizing schedules this weekend and will be working toward filling up all our spots!