Presenting ARCHIVOS, One of Our 2017 Sponsors!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is very pleased to announce that ARCHIVOS is one of this year's sponsors! They will be helping to support our special author-only events, which are planned to help give our author guests some down-time where they can socialize and relax. Not only that, but they will be giving away 1-year subscriptions for Writer's Symposium attendees!

But wait...What is ARCHIVOS?

ARCHIVOS is a Story Mapping and Development Tool for writers, gamers, and storytellers of all kinds.

1. ARCHIVOS can document all elements of your story, and the relationships between them. 
Crafting a story that captures the imagination – and the heart – of your audience is no small task. Stacks of notes, timelines, maps, character profiles... the architecture of storytelling can be a daunting prospect.

With ARCHIVOS, storytellers can not only document the characters, places, and events of their stories, they can also define the relationships between those story elements. That network of interaction can then be experienced through three unique interfaces.

2. ARCHIVOS can display the network of interactions of your story, based on story element, geography and chronology.
 By giving storytellers the ability to SEE and INTERACT with that network of story elements, ARCHIVOS helps ensure story comprehension and continuity, while providing a dramatic and engaging way for fans to explore the story worlds they love.

ARCHIVOS will help you detail every character, location, and event that appears in your setting. You can group them according to character, location, region, organization, item, event, race, and discipline. Storytellers can assign images, define short and long descriptions, and even specify external links to content relevant to each element! 

But the REAL power of ARCHIVOS is in defining the relationships between characters. This illuminates the network of interaction that defines the very heart of any story. And the Story Element Dashboard ensures every facet of your creation is at your fingertips… searchable, sortable, and trackable.

3. Finished settings in ARCHIVOS can be made public allowing for unique and compelling fan engagement
. ARCHIVOS is great for developing original stories, but it can also be used for fan sites or fan fiction, as well as educational sites exploring classic literature or historical eras. Storyteller subscribers can create an unlimited number of story settings, documenting all the people, places, and events of each and all ARCHIVOS Story Settings can be set for Private Use or Public Viewing… you decide if and when you share your setting with the world.

You can discover more about ARCHIVOS and reserve a slot for YOUR story world at

ARCHIVOS: Your stories... illuminated