Welcome Aboard, Worldbuilders!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is pleased to announce that Worldbuilders will be joining us as a sponsor again this year!

Worldbuilders is a nonprofit that brings geeks together to help foster sustainable, positive change in the world. They have raised funds to help communities facing challenges around the world, in order that they have the means for self-sustainability and education. The charities they work with have been time tested and have proven track records of success. Worldbuilders provides a platform for readers, gamers, writers, and geeks of all sorts come together and help those in need.

This year at Gen Con, Worldbuilders will be located at booth #368, where they will be selling geeky goods from some awesome creators, and they'll also have a party event on Friday where people will be able to game with some of the best in the industry--authors, game-makers, and more! Not only does this event promise to be a ton of fun, but proceeds will be going to charity. Many of these games are sold out, but there are still a few tickets left! Head over to gencon.com to register now!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium has been proud to have Worldbuilders as a part of their sponsor team the past couple years. They are valued members of the geeky writer community, and their generous support helps writers both new and professional alike. Why not check out their website at www.worldbuilders.org and learn more about them? And be sure to visit their booth (#368) at Gen Con! You never know what--or who--you'll find there! From gifts to fantastic authors, there's always something great there.