Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Winners To Be Announced At Symposium

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium would like to congratulate the finalists of the 2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award!

From Baen's press release:

The grand prize winner and two runners up will be announced at the start of the Baen Roadshow panel on August 6, 2016 as part of the Writer’s Symposium at GenCon in Indianapolis. The contest, launched in 2014, recognizes short stories which exemplify the spirit of adventure, imagination, and storytelling crucial to great fantasy. The winning story will be published on the website.

"We are delighted to continue our association with GenCon and its literary program track," said Baen executive editor Jim Minz. "Good writing is at the heart of all storytelling, no matter if the story is traditional prose or film or a video game. At Baen we’ve always believed that everyone has a story to tell, and feel this contest helps bring attention to the fantasy genre.” The contest will continue next year, with submissions opening January 1, 2017. All entries must be received by April 1, 2017. Each entry is limited to a short story of no more than 8,000 words, and only one entry per author is allowed.

Baen Books is known for its New York Times bestselling science fiction and fantasy, including David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire alternate histories, Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International urban fantasies, and Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga. Baen’s printed books are distributed by Simon & Schuster.

For more information email, or call 1-800-488-2236.

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This year's finalists are (in alphabetical order):

"Fox-Sign" by Stewart C Baker

"Deck of Shadows"
by Thomas K. Carpenter

"Watching the Door"
by Joel and F.I. Goldhaber

"Raisin" by Jason A. Holt

"Gunfight at the Thornmount Colossus"
by Anthony Lowe

"Wish In One Hand and Hit With the Other" by D. Thourson Palmer

"Tamarac and the Stone"
by Timothy Reynolds

"The Lavender Paladin" by Shawn Snider

"Trial by Combat" by J.P. Sullivan

"Twelve Views of Motherhood, Monsters and War" by Brian Trent