Robert A. Mosher

Robert A. Mosher

Robert A. Mosher is a thirty year veteran of the State and Defense Departments, including service in Vietnam, Zaire/Congo, Northern Ireland, Russia, with an emphasis on war, warfare, peace, and policy.

A thirty year veteran of the US Foreign Service with postings in Vietnam, Zaire (Congo), Northern Ireland, and Russia, Robert A. Mosher served two years as Country Director for the UK, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and later spent four years as Chief of the Political-Military Section at US Embassy Moscow.

Robert trained as an Armored Scout/Observer Course at Fort Knox; he later attended the Command and Staff Course at the Navy War College. His languages include French and Russian (and a smattering of Vietnamese, German, and Irish). He has worked as a Subject Matter Expert/Role Player in US Army, Navy, and Marine training exercises at several installations including the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin.

In addition to serving the National Security Decision Making Game as Game Director, Game Controller, Scenario Control, and Facilitator, he has lectured with NSDM, at the Origins War College, and at the Gen Con Writers’ Seminar. A living historian since 2002, he has portrayed a soldier of the Irish Brigade, a Civil War journalist, a 1916 Irish Volunteer, a 1944 Franc-Tireur et Partisan (FTP) of the French Maquis. Portraying a 1916 Irish Volunteer last year, he helped lead the Philadelphia Commemoration Parade of the 1916 Easter Rising.

He blogs as The Military Philosopher.