Building Your Own World From Scratch!

Writers at this year's Symposium are in for a treat! Game designer and author Steven S. Long will be leading a series of workshops that will help writers with every aspect of worldbuilding, from geography to inhabitants to developing a history and cultures for your world, and more!

These workshops will have an element of audience participation, and topics covered will depend on decisions made by attendees. Actual worlds will be created during the workshops, and attendees can see what Long teaches put into practice. Because no one wants to see the same old thing rehashed again and again, these workshops will show how to make a world that is truly unique, involving things such as sentient plants, underwater settings, a world in three pieces, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and everyone in the workshops will have a chance to leave their mark on the world.

The Worldbuilding workshops include:

Introduction and First Steps
Nations and History
Stories and Concluding Thoughts

Remember, in order to reserve your seat, you'll want to reserve tickets to these events in advance. The tickets are free, but they are the only guarantee that you will get to see the events you want. Plus, they let Gen Con know that the Writer's Symposium is something you want to see more of in the future.

About Steven S. Long:

During his 20-some years as a writer and game designer, Steve's written or co-written over 200 roleplaying game books as well as fiction and non-fiction works.

Steven S. Long is a writer and game designer who's worked primarily in the tabletop roleplaying game field for the past twenty years. During that time he's written or co-written approximately 200 RPG books. He's best known for his work with Champions and the HERO System, but has worked for many other RPG companies. In recent years he's branched out into writing fiction as well, contributing Fantasy short stories to numerous anthologies.
He frequently claims that he's revising his novel, but this may be an elaborate scam of some sort. His first major work of non-fiction, a book about the Norse god Odin for Osprey Publishing, was released in May 2015. Since then he's primarily focused on Mythic Hero, an extensive book about world mythology for authors and gamers, and on various fiction projects. His Master Plan for World Domination has reached Stage 71-Beta. You can find out more about Steve and what he's up to at