Sunday June 20th Is Last Day to Pre-Register for Badges and Events

Heads up! This Sunday, June 20th, is the last day to pre-register for badges and events at Gen Con and the Writer's Symposium. If you register for tickets now, they can be mailed to you. If you register after Sunday, you will have to pick up your tickets and badges at the Will Call Center during the convention (which in some cases means a very long line). NOTE: You can still register for events and badges all the way up until the day of the event--this is ONLY if you want your tickets mailed to you before Gen Con.

Reserving tickets for an event doesn't just save you a seat--though that is very important, as we have some fantastic guest authors this year! When you reserve tickets for events, it helps Gen Con know what types of things you are interested in. The Writer's Symposium will get more or less resources in part because of how many tickets are sold. It's a good way for them to measure interest, and a good way for us at the Writer's Symposium to see what kind of programming our attendees enjoy!

Our programming includes workshops, panels, and seminars for writers in all stages of their careers, as well as fun events for charity and Q&A sessions to find out more about your favorite authors. To see a complete list of our programming, please check out our full schedule at And be sure to register for events at!


The Gen Con Writer’s Symposium is a professional symposium for writers of speculative fiction. Although we love the games Gen Con offers (we play them too), our program is purely about writing and the business of writing. The Symposium is one of the largest and fastest growing professional events for speculative fiction writers in the world, and in 2015 we offered nearly 185 hours of programming, welcomed an estimated 2700 unique visitors, and featured 80 authors and experts.