Storium Returns in 2016: Telling Stories Via an Online Game!

Storium (, for those of you who don’t know, is a multi-player online game designed to help people unleash their imaginations and share the awesome stories that are within them. It gives players the tools to create characters and allows them to make fun and unpredictable stories for them to take part in. And in case players aren’t feeling that creative, Storium has a growing library of story ideas and worlds to help them get started, no matter how much their imagination needs stretching. It’s free to play, easy to learn, and it’s going to be LIVE at the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium this year!

Join one of Storium’s creators, Stephen Hood, and his panelists as they play Storium in front of their live audience. The best part is, not only will you be witnessing the creation of a great story (complete with absurdity and in many cases, hilarity), but your entire admission price of $6 will go towards charity. There will also be opportunities to affect the outcome of the story by donating more to charity. It will be a fun, adventurous, and hilarious time for all! Plus you’ll get to see real authors create a story right in front of you. Don’t miss it, on Thursday, August 4th, 6PM in Westin Capital I!

For more information and to reserve your tickets, go to


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