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Virtual Gen Con Writer's Symposium Guest Authors, Agents, and Editors!

It's that time! We are announcing our list of guests for Gen Con 2020, July 30-Aug 2, which will be virtual! Be sure to register for events--tickets are free, but the tickets help us show Gen Con that we have people attending events. Click here to check out our list of events, and to get tickets!

2018 Gen Con Writer's Symposium Schedule!!!

It's here! The moment you've been waiting for (and a bit belated, for which we apologize)--The posting of the Symposium Event Schedule! We are currently working on uploading the events into the Gen Con system so you will be able to register for them on Sunday, May 6th.

Article: Aaron Rosenberg on Knowing Your Weaknesses

Author Aaron Rosenberg has been a guest at the Gen Con Writer's Symposium for several years now, and has a wealth of knowledge involving both the writing process and the business of writing to share with attendees. He is a prolific author, writing for properties such as Star Trek and Warhammer, as well as many projects of his own. His latest release is O.C.L.T.: Digging Deep, which is part of a paranormal mystery series featuring a group of misfits who protect NYC from strange happenings.

2018 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Announced

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is pleased to announce that once again, the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award will be presented at Gen Con 2018. It's been our pleasure to host this award in the past, and we feel it's an excellent celebration of new talent in the industry. Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Here is the press release from Baen:

Fifth Annual Contest for Best Original Fantasy Adventure Story
To be Presented at Premier Gaming Convention Gen Con

Presenting ARCHIVOS, One of Our 2017 Sponsors!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is very pleased to announce that ARCHIVOS is one of this year's sponsors! They will be helping to support our special author-only events, which are planned to help give our author guests some down-time where they can socialize and relax. Not only that, but they will be giving away 1-year subscriptions for Writer's Symposium attendees!

But wait...What is ARCHIVOS?

ARCHIVOS is a Story Mapping and Development Tool for writers, gamers, and storytellers of all kinds.

Author Aaron Rosenberg Writes Across the Menu!

Long-time Writer's Symposium guest Aaron Rosenberg is a writer of science fiction...and fantasy. And some horror, too. Mysteries, sometimes. Oh, and kids' books. In this article, he tells us why he doesn't just pick one!

When you tell people you’re a writer, the first thing they ask is usually, “Oh, what do you write?”

My answers tend to get a little complicated.