Announcing Our 2020 Guest Authors, Agents, and Editors!

It's that time! We are announcing our list of guests for Gen Con 2020, July 30-Aug 2 in Indianapolis, IN! More authors, agents, editors, and other publishing professionals may be added, but here is what we have so far, in alphabetical order:

Ann Aguirre
E.C. Ambrose
Scott Andrews
Philippa Ballantine
Bradley P. Beaulieu
Chris Bell
Maurice Broaddus
Richard Lee Byers
Joseph D. Carriker, Jr
Gerald L. Coleman
CSE Cooney
Erik Scott de Bie
Lucienne Diver
Kirk Dougal
Maxwell Drake
Steve Drew
Erin Evans
Toiya Kristen Finley
Kelli Fitzpatrick
Matt Forbeck
Charles Gannon
Jerry Gordon
Melissa Grey
Gabrielle Harbowy
John Helfers
Carlos Hernandez
Chris Jackson
Selah Janel
Stephen Kelner
Toni LP Kelner/ Leigh Perry
Michelle Renee Lane
Keith Law
Briana Lawrence
James Lowder
David Mack
Kristin McFarland
Melanie R Meadors
Nayad Monroe
Dan Moren
Susan Morris
Tee Morris
Robert Mosher
Daniel "Doc" Myers
Errick Nunnally
Scott Rice-Snow
Linda Robertson
Aaron Rosenberg
Diana Rowland
Seth Skorkowsky
Lucy Snyder
Michael Stackpole
Anton Strout
Kelly Swails
Marc Tassin
Howard Tayler
Sandra Tayler
Elizabeth Vaughan
Jessica Walsh
LaShawn Wanak
Alex White
Gregory A. Wilson
Bryan Young

Badges for Gen Con go on sale TODAY Jan 26 at sure to register now! We look forward to another great year of the Writer's Symposium!