The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is Looking for Volunteers!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is looking for volunteers to help out at Gen Con 2017!

Are you someone who loves books and wants to help the people who create them? Do you like to work on a team with other like-minded people for a crazy and fun time? Then the Writer’s Symposium would love your help!

We are looking for a couple of awesome people to help us out this year as volunteers. If you have ever been to the Writer’s Symposium at Gen Con, we’re sure you’ve seen the folks who help the lines move steadily, who keep things organized, who answer questions, and who, frankly, the Writer’s Symposium could not function without. There are both full-time and part-time positions available, and there are definitely benefits involved! Not the least of which? Being around bestselling authors and some of science fiction and fantasy’s greatest professionals. And never fear, volunteers are still able to go to the Gaming and Symposium programming that is important to them.

Part time positions will have 16 hours scheduled for them to work, and will receive a four-day badge reimbursement. Full time positions will have 32 hours scheduled, and will receive reimbursement for their four-day badges as well as $50 per night (up to $200) for their hotel.

To apply for one of the above positions, please follow these directions:
1) Send an email to ""
2) As the subject line, please put "Volunteer Application - [Your Name]"
3) List in the body of the email:
--the position you are applying for: 16-hour, 32 hour, or both
--a small introduction - what brought you to the GCWS? Why do you want to volunteer?
--any applicable experience (writing, volunteering, crowd control, sounding authoritative, service industry experience, love to read, etc). This can be anything!

Note: The full-time positions will most likely be offered first to anyone who has experience with volunteering at GCWS, and then will go into the general pool. But please apply anyway; we love finding new volunteers.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity to get involved with one of the best writing events of the year!