Bestselling Author and Story Doctor David Farland Offers Super-Sized Workshops

David Farland (aka David Wolverton) is well-known for his Runelords series and other internationally bestselling fantasy and science fiction novels, and many authors are familiar with him via his daily "Kick in the Pants" emails he sends with awesome writing advice. He is also the judge for the Writers of the Future contest. This year, David is bringing his writing expertise to the Gen Con Writer's Symposium, and will be teaching 3 day-long writing workshops that both aspiring and experienced writers will not want to miss.

Here is what David says the workshops will offer:

"On day one ( I will teach authors the big 4 things that all bestsellers have in common before lunch, and in the afternoon I will teach authors how to build fascinating worlds and transport their readers there using writing tips borrowed from hypnosis.

"On day two ( I will teach authors how to create sympathetic and fascinating characters, then use them to build a compelling cast for their novels.

"On day three, ( I'll teach authors how the conflicts in a story can serve as the engine that drives it forward at a breakneck speed, and teach them how to create different kinds of conflicts so that readers are simultaneously thrust forward at different levels."

This is an opportunity to learn from a master of fiction in a small class setting. While these workshops are not free, they are worth every penny, and writers will leave Gen Con with an entirely new toolbox of writing skills. Class size is limited to 20 students, so you will not want to wait to register for these workshops. Follow the links above to buy tickets to ensure your seat today!

For more information about David Farland and his services as a story doctor, check out his website at

About David Farland:

As a college student studying pre-medical microbiology, David Farland was torn. He also wanted to be a writer. Eventually, the desire to write became too overwhelming and he gave in. Today Dave shares his knowledge and expertise with writers around the world through his #WritingTip articles, books on writing and various online and live lectures and workshops.

Seeing his students take their own stories to greatness has become one of Dave’s greatest joys in life. Not only does he love sharing the lessons he’s learned from a lifetime of empirical study, he excels at diagnosing story problems and prescribing the right course of treatment for ultimate success.

About his life, Dave says, “I seem to have become a writer who now works as a doctor on the side—a story doctor.”