Top Genre Agent Accepting Pitches At This Year's Symposium!

The Gen Con Writer’s Symposium is pleased to announce that this year, authors will have the chance to pitch their work to one of the best agents in science fiction and fantasy, Joshua A. Bilmes!

Joshua Bilmes is the head of the JABberwocky Literary Agency (, which represents some of the top authors in the industry (Charlaine Harris, Brandon Sanderson, Peter V. Brett, and Jack Campbell, just to name a few!). He’s been an agent for over 30 years, and his experience is clearly an asset to his clients, who have gone on to make book deals with top publishers, as well as TV and movie contracts. He’s graciously offered to hear author pitches at two different times:

5 pitches at 10 AM on Thursday
5 pitches at 4 PM on Friday

If you have a completed writing project and would like to pitch to Mr. Bilmes, please email us at with the subject 2016 Pitch Sessions for more details OR stop by the Symposium HQ on Thursday, August 4th at 9 AM sharp.

For those of you who have never pitched before, never fear! Mr. Bilmes and some of our other authors will be giving workshops and panels on how to pitch your books as well, so people will have the tools they need in order to make their pitches a success. Check out our programming list at

It is the Writer’s Symposium’s sincerest hope that writers both new and experienced leave Gen Con with a sense of encouragement and with some new knowledge and experiences as well. We are grateful to professionals like Joshua A. Bilmes and our other guests for sharing their expertise and their time to help us achieve this!

Stay tuned for tips on how to pitch your novel on this site as well!