Epic Programming For This Year's Writer's Symposium!

One critique we often hear about other writers’ conventions is that the panels are geared toward beginners and that the programming offers little for experienced authors. The Gen Con Writer’s Symposium takes great pride in providing valuable programming for authors at ALL points in their careers, from beginners trying to figure out how to get words on the page, to bestselling authors who are trying to figure out the next steps to their careers. Not only that, but we invite the best people to provide programming, from award winners to best selling authors to industry greats, all of whom are there to share the keys to their success with authors new and established.

And this year, we have more professional level programming than ever before, including a number of fantastic professional workshops! Here are just a few of the workshops we're hosting in August (you can sign up for all of these events by going to https://www.gencon.com/event_finder ):

  • A workshop on how to make your alien language more alien by LAWRENCE M. SCHOEN, author and renowned expert on the Klingon language (WKS1699132)
  • A series of intensive workshops on everything from creating your story's world to casting characters to developing exciting conflicts for your stories from bestselling author and judge of the Writers of the Future contest, DAVID WOLVERTON/DAVID FALRAND (WKS1699184, WKS1699187, WKS1699191, and more!)
  • Author and marketing guru GAIL Z. MARTIN will give a workshop on grassroots marketing and social media for authors, game designers, and artists (WKS1699143)
  • Author, president of SFWA, and online writing instructor CAT RAMBO will be discussing how to go from story to idea (SEM1699186)
  • STEVEN S. LONG, author and game designer, will be presenting a series on different aspects of world building, from geography to magic system and more (SEM1699147, SEM1699146, SEM1699173, and more!)
  • Master classes from author and podcast host BRADLEY P. BEAULIEU on things like structuring scenes, building tension on every page, and plotting techniques (WKS1699115, WKS1699116, WKS1699128, and more!)
  • Screenwriter for DOCTOR STRANGE, THOMAS DEAN DONNELLY, teaches how to SUPERDRAFT to quadruple your writing output (WKS1699195)
  • JO WALTON, Nebula Award winning science fiction and fantasy author, gives an in-depth workshop on creating characters (WKS1699189)

Plus panels from our pro authors on subjects like building your career for the long haul, using social media effectively, hand selling your books, how to write an author bio that works, understanding the publishing world, editing your novel...pretty much any topic you can think of pertaining to writing will be covered in some way! You can see a full schedule of programming at http://genconwriters.com/node/121

We're very excited about this year's epic programming, and hope that you are, too!

The Gen Con Writer's Symposium is one of the largest and fastest growing professional events for speculative fiction writers in the world, and in 2015 we offered nearly 185 hours of programming, welcomed an estimated 2700 unique visitors, and featured 75 authors and experts. www.genconwriters.com

Gen Con, our host, is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world. In 2015 they welcomed 61,000 unique visitors and offered more than 16,000 events. The people who attend Gen Con are, by their nature, heavy readers. The games they play were inspired by speculative fiction, and speculative fiction remains a major part of their entertainment mix.